Новости всякие

Новости всякие
<EchoMskNews> ВОЗ впервые с начала сентября зафиксировала снижение числа новых случаев заражения коронавирусом в мире >>>

<EchoMskNews> В Мин.науки и высшего образования обещают не отчислять из вузов иностранных студентов, которые не могут приехать в… >>>

<%Sony> RT @PlayStation: Unlock Savings Stance ⚔️ Last chance to save on #GhostOfTsushima, 12 months of PlayStation Plus and more:… >>>

<%business> RT @BloombergLive: .@WalmartInc's @KathleenForGood talks about Project Gigaton, Walmart's initiative to avoid one billion metric tons… >>>

<Reuters> This life-size robot in Japan will be the centerpiece of the Gundam Factory Yokohama theme park ?tag=13

<%Sony> RT @CyberpunkGame: In this world, consumed by neverending conflict, sometimes only an outsider will get the job done. And that's you.… >>>

<Reuters> UK has coronavirus back under control, says health minister >>> img

<%business> RT @Quicktake: "Crypto is a very speculative asset class —it tends to be driven more by sentiment than anything else." Bloomberg'… >>>

<%Sony> RT @ColumbiaRecords: Congratulations @bts_bighit! #LifeGoesOn is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! ?tag=10

<BBCWorld> Brazil's Amazon: Deforestation 'surges to 12-year high' >>>

<@nytimes> “This holiday season presents a grim reckoning,” writes our science reporter Donald McNeil Jr. We must set aside ju… >>>

<@nytimes> In mid-October, experts offered a dose of cautious optimism, saying the epidemic in the U.S. might end sooner than… >>>

<@nytimes> Now that at least two vaccines with efficacy greater than 90% have emerged, there’s even more hope about what 2021… >>>

<@nytimes> “This juncture, perhaps more than any to date, exposes the deep political divisions that have allowed the pandemic… >>>

<business> Suriname is set to reach a deal with creditors as soon as this week after missing a $25 million interest payment on… >>>

<HromadskeUA> Міністр закордонних справ Угорщини Петер Сіярто розкритикував обшуки, які СБУ провела в Товаристві угорців Закарпат… >>>

<derspiegel> Die Vendée Globe gilt als härteste Einhandregatta der Welt. Der Franzose Kevin Escoffier meldete nun einen Wasserei… >>>

<Reuters> U.S. housing, manufacturing data suggest economic recovery slowing >>> img

<AP> AP Investigation: Imaad Zuberi, a well-connected fundraiser for top Democrats and Republicans, took millions in for… >>>

<WSJ> Auto insurers may want to partner up with startups as driver data is empowering new competitors. @RToplensky explai… >>>

<Reuters> From Breakingviews: The next Lloyds boss will be Charlie Nunn, who currently runs wealth and personal banking at HS… >>>

<radiosvoboda> Степанов сумнівається, що МОЗ пропонуватиме продовжити карантин вихідного дня >>>

<Reuters> UniCredit says CEO Mustier to step down >>> img

<business> S&P Global's $39 billion deal to buy IHS Markit underscores the central role of data in financial markets and the g… >>>

<HromadskeUA> Cуд у Жешуві в Польщі на три місяці арештував 19-річного українця, який важко поранив двох інших громадян України —… >>>

<krymrealii> В Алуште предложили отключать воду днем на шесть часов >>> img

<Reuters> Bitcoin surges to all-time record as 2020 rally powers on >>> img

<derspiegel> Überwachungsmöglichkeit für die Polizei einbauen, ausbauen, wieder einbauen: Tutanota will einen besonders sicheren… >>>

<%AP> RT @APEntertainment: READY FOR A ROM-COM: Kristen Stewart shares why she joined the feel-good genre to star in #HappiestSeason. ?tag=13

<Reuters> Meerkats at London Zoo are ready to send off their Christmas wishes to Santa ?tag=13

<WSJ> From @WSJopinion: There is a political opening for health-care policy that covers costs for the sick without compro… >>>

<business> Joe Biden has begun putting together his cabinet. Here’s who he has nominated, and which positions are yet to be fi… >>>

<nytimes> “Maybe what used to be OK is not OK anymore, and maybe it shouldn’t be,” said Maggie Haney, the elite gymnastics co… >>>

<Reuters> The fall of the king: Philip Green's Arcadia adventure ends in ignominy >>> img

<business> With schools remote and libraries closed, teenagers in many U.S. cities find themselves unwelcome in parks and publ… >>>

<Reuters> Vaccines within reach as U.S. braces for post-Thanksgiving coronavirus surge >>> img

<krymrealii> «Кланы власти грызут друг друга». Почему в Евпатории арестовывают чиновников >>> img

<radiosvoboda> ВООЗ: тижнева кількість нових випадків COVID-19 впала вперше за два місяці >>>

<Reuters> The Utah monolith is gone but amateur adventurer David Surber caught a glimpse of it before it disappeared… >>>

<nytimes> Choose your own places to monitor the pandemic: Our tool lets you track coronavirus cases in U.S. locations importa… >>>

<Reuters> U.S. pending home sales unexpectedly fall in October >>> img

<HromadskeUA> 14-річний хлопець за добу викрав три автівки й на кожній потрапив у ДТП. Каже, що хотів навчитися їздити — тепер йо… >>>

<WSJ> The Iranian nuclear scientist killed last week was ambushed in a remotely controlled operation, the country’s top s… >>>

<Reuters> Timeline: The rise and fall of Philip Green's retail empire >>> img

<nytimes> The prime minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenkovic, has tested positive for Covid-19. Until last week, Croatia’s measu… >>>

<business> Michael Capiraso, head of the organization that oversees the New York City Marathon, is stepping down after facing… >>>

<ukrpravda_news> Разумков очікує, що ув’язнення за брехню в декларації залишиться >>> img

<cnni> US President Trump was relatively quiet over the Thanksgiving holiday. But by Friday, he was back to lighting up Tw… >>>

<business> Volkswagen is accused of waging a campaign to “demolish” a Bosnian parts supplier by conspiring to freeze it out of… >>>

<Reuters> Bitcoin soared to a record high against the dollar as its 2020 rally steamed ahead >>> ?tag=13

<Reuters> Zoom forecasts fourth-quarter revenue above estimates >>> img

<AP> The prosecution of two Islamic State militants nicknamed the "Beatles" is a counterterrorism success for the Trump… >>>

<business> China’s aluminum bonanza may have even more to offer investors >>>

<Reuters> Canada deficit seen higher, government eyes up to C$100 billion in stimulus spending >>> img

<HromadskeRadio> #ШоТамМісцеві Харківська міська територіальна виборча комісія втретє оприлюднила список депутатів, обраних до місь… >>>

<HromadskeRadio> Лише за рахунок зміни постачальника газу можна зекономити до 40% витрат. >>>

<tvrain> Создатели вакцины Moderna заявили о ее 100-процентной эффективности в предотвращении тяжелых случаев COVID. Значит… >>>

<Reuters> Urban designer Miranda Plowden is making social housing more eco-friendly ?tag=13

<radiosvoboda> МОН заперечує, що почало реформу шкільної освіти для навчання дітей з п’яти років >>> img

<business> Wisconsin becomes the last battleground state to make Biden’s victory over Trump official >>>

<cnni> CNN exclusive: Vast trove of leaked documents shows China underreported Covid-19 numbers, took weeks to diagnose ne… >>>

<Reuters> Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed lauded his troops for ousting a rebellious northern movement, but the leader o… >>>

<WSJ> The U.S. Navy will decommission an amphibious assault ship that was heavily damaged in a five-day fire in July off… >>>

<Reuters> U.S. imposes Venezuela-related sanctions targeting Chinese firm >>> img

<nytimes> Shopify is the No. 2 e-commerce platform in the U.S. after Amazon. You might have used it shopping today's sales. A… >>>

<h_kharkov> Поздравляем вас с зимой, хуевчане! img

<ukrpravda_news> Жителям двох районів Києва радять зачинити вікна >>> img

<Google> Googler Christian Gijtenbeek used his time staying home to teach his daughter about tech. The result? A custom-buil… >>>

<Reuters> Cyber Monday is on track to bring in a record of as much as $12.7 billion in online sales, according to latest indu… >>>

<krymrealii> Украина может ввести санкции против австрийской компании из-за строительства в Севастополе – посол… >>>

<Reuters> U.S. weekly unemployment claims data flawed: government watchdog >>> img

<business> An increase in vessels being fitted with pollution-reducing kits and strong demand for container shipping is provid… >>>

<h_kharkov> ⚡️😷 Карантин выходного дня продлевать не будут — заявил Степанов. Также министр не подтвердил информацию о введении… >>>

<HromadskeUA> Вселенський патріарх Варфоломій планує приїхати в Україну в серпні 2021 року — Зеленський запросив його на святкува… >>>

<cnni> Iran's top nuclear scientist was killed Friday in the outskirts of Tehran, once again setting the Middle East on ed… >>>

<Reuters> After years of loneliness at an Islamabad zoo, elephant Kaavan's new home will be a wildlife sanctuary in northwest… >>>

<nytimes> Want to know how well your hometown is faring with the coronavirus? Or maybe the places where your parents or chi… >>>

<Reuters> New California stay-home order weighed as COVID hospitalizations surge >>> img

<Reuters> Meet the midwives of the future ?tag=13

<@nytimes> Our new tool lets you make a personalized list of places that you can come back to again and again to check on the… >>>

<@nytimes> Detailed information is continually updated and tailored to your list of states, counties and metro areas. ?tag=10

<business> McConnell sets up a vote to advance Christopher Waller's nomination to the Fed Board >>>

<@nytimes> Maybe your parents retired to York County, Maine. You can easily see that cases have recently peaked there. ?tag=10

<novostidnua> В Украине вводится в обращение памятная монета в честь Славянска >>>

<@nytimes> Know someone in Dallas? The average number of new cases there reached 3,053 yesterday, a 7% increase from the day… >>>

<@nytimes> Explore more in our interactive feature to see the latest virus information in places that are important to you. >>>

<WSJ> Exxon is retreating from a plan to increase spending to boost its oil and gas production by 2025, as the struggling… >>>

<Reuters> Powell: 'Challenging' months until vaccine clears production, distribution hurdles >>> img

<business> Justin Trudeau’s government vows to keep pumping money into Covid-19 aid, promises new programs to kick-start the r… >>>

<EchoMskNews> В Минюсте Украины сообщили, что ЕСПЧ объединил иски к России по делу о сбитом в Донбассе пассажирском самолете >>>

<EchoMskNews> Театры и кинотеатры Петербурга теперь могут продавать только 25% билетов от количества зрительских мест >>>

<EchoMskNews> Оружием, которым был убит в Иране физик-ядерщик, управляли через спутник, сообщает иранский телеканал «Аль-Алям» >>>

<EchoMskNews> В штатах Аризона и Висконсин утвердили победу на президентских выборах Джозефа Байдена >>>

<EchoMskNews> Канцлер Австрии Себастьян Курц исключил возможность применения в его стране российской вакцины от коронавируса >>>

<business> FBI agents still haven't accessed the electronics devices of two Rudy Giuliani associates arrested more than a year… >>>

<SvobodaRadio> СМИ: на границе с Сирией убит высокопоставленный командир КСИР >>> img

<HromadskeUA> Вищий антикорупційний суд звинувачує одного з членів Вищої ради правосуддя в тиску — той хотів отримати копії матер… >>>

<Reuters> Here are just some of the new ways robots are being used around the world in light of the global crisis ?tag=13

<unian> У МОЗ уточнили, які обмеження діятимуть в Україні найближчими вихідними >>> img

<Reuters> U.S. reports over 10,000 coronavirus deaths last week >>> img

<Reuters> Engineer Irina Otelea is at the forefront of offshore wind technology ?tag=13

<business> Canada targets global digital giants like Netflix, Amazon and Airbnb with new taxes >>>

<Reuters> Philip Green's struggling British fashion group Arcadia which owns Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins and more has tu… >>>

<Reuters> COVID R&D Alliance launches trial of Amgen, UCB, Takeda drugs >>> img

<GolosAmeriki> Бывшие деловые партнеры Джулиани заявили о своей невиновности >>>

<WSJ> #WSJWhatsNow: Stocks soared in November, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average notching its best month since 1987.… >>>

<radiosvoboda> СБУ провела обшуки в благодійному фонді на Закарпатті. Угорщина хоче звернутися до НАТО >>>

<ForbesRussia> О применении нервно-паралитического вещества против российского оппозиционера совместно заявили 56 из 193 государст… >>>

<Reuters> Treasury's Mnuchin urges Congress to tap unused CARES Act funds for COVID relief >>> img

<%dw_europe> RT @dwnews: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said if a Brexit trade deal could not be reached, it would send a bad signal to the… >>>

<cnni> UK retailer Arcadia is seeking protection from creditors as it scrambles to save 13,000 jobs and brands such as Top… >>>

<business> The OPEC+ meeting that was due to take place on Tuesday has been rescheduled as “further consultations” are needed… >>>

<business> New York Republican John Katko re-elected to Congress, AP projects >>>

<Reuters> Exxon tries to put the worst behind it with $20 billion impairment charge >>> img

<Reuters> At least eight prisoners were killed and more than 50 injured in clashes with guards at a Sri Lankan prison, offici… >>>

<nytimes> Research has shown that supporters of the winning candidate in an election consistently have more faith that the el… >>>

<business> A powerful storm moving across the Mid-Atlantic is bringing strong winds and heavy rains across the Northeast and a… >>>

<Reuters> Poland and Hungary are open to new proposals on EU budget >>> img

<business> A BioNTech analyst advised investors to cash in on their profits from the firm that is partnering with Pfizer on it… >>>

<cnnbrk> The Wisconsin Elections Commission finalized the state's presidential results, affirming Joe Biden's victory after… >>>

<business> California is considering a return to stay-at-home orders as hospitalizations from the coronavirus soar >>>

<%dw_europe> RT @dw_europe: A Hungarian cultural official has retracted an article in which he compared Hungarian-born US billionaire George So… >>>

<Reuters> Soraya Shahidy has left her permanent mark on the world as the first-ever female tattoo artist in Afghanistan… >>>

<WSJ> You can still see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree this year, but don’t plan on gazing for long >>>

<Reuters> Exxon tries to put the worst behind it with $20 billion impairment charge >>> img

<DeptofDefense> Mr. Anthony Tata, PDO USD Policy, participated in the US-Adriatic Charter Defense Ministerial today. Hosted by this… >>>

<business> Exxon posted the largest impairment in its modern history after writing down the value of U.S. natural gas assets b… >>>

<HromadskeUA> Уперше з початку вересня кількість нових випадків COVID-19 в Європі зменшилася — ВООЗ пояснює це посиленням протиеп… >>>

<business> Zoom's results gave a sign of steady customer demand for the videoconferencing service during the coronavirus pande… >>>

<Reuters> Tesla to join S&P 500 in single tranche >>> img

<BBCWorld> Canada unveils largest economic relief package since WW2 >>>

<business> While stocks slumped Monday, the selling did little to damage a November that will go down in the history books >>>

<ukrpravda_news> Разумков прогнозує, що Рада уникне "новорічної бюджетної ночі" >>> img

<cnni> David Chang just became the first celebrity to win the top prize in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" And the chef… >>>

<Reuters> Bulgarian doctors exhausted as COVID deaths hit record >>> img

<business> Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is cautioning lawmakers that the U.S. economy remains in a damaged and uncertai… >>>

<radiosvoboda> Україна може запровадити санкції проти австрійської компанії через оперу в Криму. "Наші партнери по всьому світу б… >>>

<DeptofDefense> #MedalofHonorMonday: @USArmy Staff Sgt. Allan Ohata was one of many Japanese-Americans who fought with distinction… >>>

<Reuters> Tanoura dancing is helping 11-year-old Abdelrahman Tarek, who was diagnosed with cancer at 20 months old, keep his… >>>

<h_kharkov> Ночь, улица, фонарь и дождь. Пришло время укладки асфальта. Фоткал на гудрон. img

<WSJ> Wisconsin and Arizona certified their election results Monday, cementing president-elect Joe Biden’s wins in the ba… >>>

<Reuters> Turkey to impose curfew, weekend lockdown against coronavirus >>> img

<tvrain> Пресс-секретарем Белого дома при Байдене станет Джен Псаки. В России ее знают хорошо — как минимум благодаря федера… >>>

<nytimes> Paul McCartney is still making music. He talked to @NYTMag about his new album, the Beatles, getting older, the goo… >>>

<Reuters> ‘Today in Bethlehem, despite the coronavirus and the global health crisis, we are determined to have Christmas in B… >>>

<business> A slow Thanksgiving for U.S. gasoline demand is foreshadowing what will likely be a tough holiday season for Americ… >>>

<business> Biden spoke by phone Monday for the first time with Argentina's president, according to a spokesman for the Latin A… >>>

<Reuters> Stocks in 'early stages' of new bull cycle: Aviva's Fitzgerald >>> img

<Cisco> Building a resilient, safe, and connected #Healthcare #IT infrastructure has never been more important. Join us to… >>>

<Reuters> First lady Melania Trump unveiled the White House's 2020 Christmas decorations ?tag=13

<Reuters> Canada plans digital tax in 2022 on global tech giants such as Facebook, Google >>> img

<business> Bank of America said that it won’t provide project financing for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic >>>

<nytimes> Good news about coronavirus vaccines offers hope that the pandemic will be tamed. But public health experts say the… >>>

<WSJ> 🎧 Listen: In today's episode of The Journal podcast, Jon Hilsenrath explains why Janet Yellen may face her biggest… >>>

<ForbesRussia> Медицинский регулятор США рассмотрит заявку фармацевтов 17 декабря. Разработчик вакцины ранее заявил о 100% эффекти… >>>

<Reuters> Factbox: Retail casualties of the coronavirus pandemic >>> img

<business> Tesla will be added to the S&P 500 in one shot on Dec. 21, forcing money managers to adjust their portfolios to mak… >>>

<ukrpravda_news> Арахамія розповів, що передбачає "інтелектуальний локдаун" >>> img

<business> The death of retired Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh was ruled accidental and related to complications from smoke inhalation >>>

<Reuters> Germans are dining out in their motorhomes by getting served on site by a cookery school ?tag=13

<Reuters> Breakingviews - Corona Capital: Cyber Friday and Monday >>> img

<EchoMskNews> Глава европейской дипломатии заявил, что ЕС продолжит противостоять тем, кто применяет химоружие >>>

<EchoMskNews> Запланированное на сегодня заседание стран-участниц ОПЕК+ перенесено на 3 декабря из-за разногласий >>>

<EchoMskNews> Сеть лабораторий «Гемотест» обратилась в полицию из-за массовой подделки справок компании о тестах на коронавирус >>>

<EchoMskNews> Арестованный бывший замглавы ФСИН назвал питание в СИЗО лучшим из всех тюрем в Европе, сообщили в ОНК Москвы >>>

<EchoMskNews> В Швеции полиция задержала 70-летнюю женщину, которая почти 30 лет держала своего сына взаперти >>>

<nytimes> The virus surge could overload California’s intensive care units in December, Gov. Gavin Newsom warned, saying the… >>>

<Reuters> Maradona's doctor seeks out prosecutors >>> img

<business> Moderna requested clearance for its coronavirus vaccine in the U.S. after a new analysis showed it was highly effec… >>>

<AP> A former Honolulu prosecutor has been sentenced to 13 years in prison after a judge says she used her husband’s pos… >>>

<Reuters> Reuters Next 2021 is a virtual summit that hosts diverse voices from around the world to examine topics from differ… >>>

<Reuters> Britain and the European Union cautioned each other that time was running out for a Brexit trade deal, as negotiato… >>>

<WSJ> “The music here felt soothing, beautiful.” A Japanese laundromat offers a “Laundry Music” CD. One song is called “M… >>>

<Reuters> Breakingviews - GM takes weak middle road with banged-up Nikola >>> img

<Reuters> Argentines celebrate 'eternal love' for Maradona with tattoos >>> img

<business> Pilots around the world aren’t getting enough flying time this year — if they're getting any all — raising fears ab… >>>

<%business> RT @BloombergLive: On his open letter penned to President-elect @JoeBiden. "Each and every administration, we embrace them, try to fin… >>>

<business> Boris Johnson defends the “tough” coronavirus rules facing most of England when a national lockdown ends this week >>>

<cnnbrk> Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has signed the paperwork awarding President-elect Joe Biden the state's 10 electoral votes >>>

<Reuters> Dream comes true for singer Meghan Trainor with her latest album 'A Very Trainor Christmas' ?tag=13

<Reuters> Britain should 'really negotiate' to find Brexit deal, France says >>> img

<business> Recent measures from the Bank of Thailand that aim to restrain the surging baht will likely be followed by “further… >>>

<WSJ> Relations between franchisers and store operators, once generally warm, have grown publicly combative, putting stra… >>>

<Reuters> U.S. bond volatility players eye 2021 inflation bump >>> img

<GolosAmeriki> Правозащитники раскритиковали продажу оружия ОАЭ >>>

<cnni> Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has signed the paperwork awarding US President-elect Joe Biden the state's 10 electoral v… >>>

<cnni> Vaccine maker Moderna says it has filed for emergency use authorization for its coronavirus vaccine >>>

<Reuters> The death of soccer legend Diego Maradona last week has led Argentines to memorialize the star not just in their mi… >>>

<nytimes> The bold aesthetic choices that drew so much flack and snark in Christmases past are noticeably absent at the White… >>>

<business> American Air will offer employees five charter flights on the Boeing 737 Max as the carrier tries to ease any conce… >>>

<Reuters> Westpac expects gradual interest adjustment by RBNZ next year >>> img

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