Новости всякие

Новости всякие
<Reuters> India’s eight-year-old climate activist Licipriya Kangujam pushes the government to take action on climate change ?tag=13

<AP> The Trump administration wants to ban TikTok from U.S. app stores. But will its order stand? A federal judge is cas… >>>

<Reuters> Fiat to pay $9.5 million U.S. fine for misleading investors on emissions audit - SEC >>> img

<AP> They aren’t anonymous, reduced to a digit. They are children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, g… >>>

<nytimes> Breaking News: President Trump's tax returns reveal how "Apprentice" fame gave him a $427 million lifeline and a my… >>>

<@AP> "We will need 100 years to have someone like Dr. Yassin." Chasing disease outbreaks was Yassin Abdel-Wareth's passi… >>>

<@AP> "She was a magnet." Margaret Holloway’s talent for theater was clear. Then, mental illness and drug addiction came,… >>>

<@AP> “A good-hearted warrior woman.” Carivaldina Oliveira da Costa wanted recognition for her community, one of many gro… >>>

<Reuters> These birds enjoy minced meat as they befriend a family in the Bolivian city of La Paz ?tag=13

<Reuters> Microsoft 365 outage affects multiple services >>> img

<@AP> “Having the time of my life.” Saadya Ehrenpreis had long wanted to attend Yeshiva University in New York because hi… >>>

<@AP> "She was young, strong, brave." She no longer saw a future in her native Venezuela but in faraway Peru. A silent fo… >>>

<@AP> “They touched a lot of lives.” Beefy with big smiles, Cleon and Leon Boyd symbolized their tiny Vermont town – toug… >>>

<@AP> “There is always going to be a vacant spot.” The best referees are largely invisible, keeping order unobtrusively a… >>>

<Reuters> U.S. House COVID-19 aid proposal gives airlines some hope for deal this week >>> img

<WSJ> A malicious software attack led one of the nation’s largest hospital chains to cancel some surgeries and divert som… >>>

<Reuters> Thailand's 'rule breaker' school uniforms challenge tradition >>> img

<business> LIVE: Here's how Asia-Pacific markets are moving after banks led the S&P 500 Index to its biggest gain in 2 weeks… >>>

<AP> A wildfire in Northern California has killed three people, authorities say, bringing this year's death toll from wi… >>>

<Reuters> UN rights expert urges Colombia to suspend some Cerrejon mine operations >>> img

<Reuters> G20 energy ministers emphasise importance of stimulus packages >>> img

<Reuters> Musk plans IPO for SpaceX's Starlink business >>> img

<%business> RT @economics: 💪 ECB ready to deploy more monetary stimulus 🗾 Japan’s lost decades provide model of low-growth, high-debt future 🎄… >>>

<nytimes> Breaking News: Top White House officials spent weeks pressuring the C.D.C. over the summer to downplay the risk of… >>>

<AP> The close ties of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, with the conservative religious… >>>

<Reuters> Some in BOJ called for review of strategy to achieve elusive price goal >>> img

<@cnni> Almost every person in the world has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. But it hasn’t drawn us closer — in… >>>

<bbcrussian> Белорусские санкции: как спор Кипра с Турцией мешает ЕС наказать Лукашенко >>>

<Reuters> Multiple fatalities in officer involved shooting in Salem, Oregon: Sheriff's office

<Reuters> Nagorno-Karabakh region says 26 more troops killed in fighting with Azeri forces >>> img

<bbcrussian> "Не знаю, осталась ли бы я живой на родине": в Латвии хотят запретить усыновления в США >>>

<EchoMskNews> Совладелец НЛМК Владимир Лисин возглавил список богатейших россиян по версии журнала Forbes >>>

<EchoMskNews> Церемонию вручения российской кинопремии «Ника» перенесли на следующий год >>>

<EchoMskNews> Индекс распространения коронавируса в Москве, по данным Роспотребнадзора, вырос втрое за три недели >>>

<EchoMskNews> Почти 40% российских компаний могут не пережить повторных ограничений из-за коронавируса >>>

<EchoMskNews> Нефть подорожала на бирже >>>

<EchoMskNews> Азербайджан, как утверждает руководство Армении, начал широкомасштабное наступление в Нагорном Карабахе >>>

<Reuters> French schoolteacher Sylvain Helaine aka 'Freaky Hoody’ says he lost his job at a kindergarten after a parent compl… >>>

<Reuters> UK seeks to boost job training to help workforce recover from COVID-19 >>> img

<Reuters> The Biden campaign seized on a fresh line of attack with President Trump, accusing the Republican incumbent of gami… >>>

<WSJ> A federal committee is recommending that Americans get no more than 6% of their daily calories from added sugar, do… >>>

<Reuters> U.S. lawmakers propose airplane certification reforms after fatal Boeing crashes >>> img

<business> Breonna Taylor grand juror wants secret proceeding made public so that “the truth may prevail" >>>

<%business> RT @BloombergAU: Goldman Sachs appoints new leadership in Australia and New Zealand, including: -Christian Johnston as chairman for… >>>

<Reuters> From @reuterspictures: Weird and wonderful moments around the world ?tag=13

<nytimes> The virus has killed 24,000 people in New York City. The economic damage means the city could face an extended fina… >>>

<Reuters> China reports 12 new COVID-19 cases vs. 21 a day earlier >>> img

<@business> Here's why Covid-19's death toll may be way over 1 million >>>

<ForbesRussia> Что мы знаем о повзрослевшем «маленьком принце» Беларуси? >>>

<Reuters> Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris said the speed with which President Trump is moving forward with… >>>

<Reuters> U.S., Belgium strike 'preclearance' deal for U.S.-bound air passengers in Brussels >>> img

<%business> RT @economics: Vietnam’s economic growth accelerated in the third quarter as exports and manufacturing began recovering from the p… >>>

<business> In a tour de force of hard won reporting, the New York Times has put numerical clothing on what we’ve known about P… >>>

<@cnni> The grim tally of deaths from Covid-19 has been reached in less than nine months since the first death caused by th… >>>

<BBCWorld> George Pell: Cardinal to return to Rome for first time since acquittal >>>

<@cnni> Coronavirus deaths peaked first in Asia, then Europe and North America. In the past four months, the majority have… >>>

<WSJ> Stovetop smoking delivers some of the drama of the BBQ—but in your kitchen. It gives vegetables the oomph required… >>>

<Reuters> Some of Hong Kong's poor finally feel at home in 290 sq ft modules >>> img

<Reuters> More than 1 million people have died of COVID-19 around the world, according to a Reuters tally, with the pace of f… >>>

<%business> RT @BBGAfrica: South Africa plans to help fund an infrastructure program worth as much as $135 billion with green bonds. Presiden… >>>

<Reuters> Pelosi says Democrats unveil new COVID-19 aid bill >>> img

<@cnni> The United States, with more than 7 million cases and more than 205,000 deaths according to Johns Hopkins Universit… >>>

<Reuters> Monitored by their care team, two beluga whales explored their new home in Klettsvik Bay on the island of Heimaey i… >>>

<nytimes> After years of stasis, a serial killer cold case on Long Island may no longer be quite so cold. The difference has… >>>

<Reuters> Musk plans IPO for SpaceX's Starlink business >>> img

<business> Here's why Fortnite's maker is rebelling against Apple's App Store rules >>>

<business> What happens to U.S.-China relations if Biden were in charge? Here are some clues. >>>

<@Reuters> A suspect was shot dead by police and there were ‘multiple fatalities’ in a reported hostage situation at a home in… >>>

<Reuters> The Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police department confirmed that a man identified as Brad Parscale, the former campai… >>>

<WSJ> How many of the chief executives running America’s top 500 companies are Black? 1%. >>> img

<Reuters> Mexican women demanding legalization of abortion clash with police >>> img

<cnni> The US, Brazil, India and Mexico account for more than 50% of the total deaths from coronavirus globally, according… >>>

<%business> RT @QuickTake: ⚡️ As the world reaches a grim milestone of 1 million #coronavirus deaths, here are stories from those who lost a l… >>>

<business> -ECB ready to deploy more monetary stimulus -Japan’s lost decades provide model of low-growth, high-debt future -RB… >>>

<Reuters> Sanctions-hit Huawei ramps up investment in Chinese tech sector >>> img

<WSJ> The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup, beating the Dallas Stars, 2-0, in Game 6 to capture their second champ… >>>

<Reuters> Doc Rivers out as Los Angeles Clippers coach >>> img

<nytimes> The NHL bubble has a champion: The Tampa Bay Lightning won their second Stanley Cup, defeating the Dallas Stars fou… >>>

<cnni> In eight months, coronavirus has killed more one million people, exposed failures of governance, worsened healthcar… >>>

<Reuters> 'I use my art collection as a means of propagating our past, our present and... to help people understand the futur… >>>

<WSJ> Sneaker stores are trying to channel the hype around shoes into something positive. Does it work? >>>

<Reuters> U.S. faces ongoing court battles over TikTok, WeChat bans >>> img

<derspiegel> Damit nicht noch mehr Menschen an Corona sterben, müssen wir aus der Pandemie lernen: Sie wütet am schlimmsten, wo… >>>

<Reuters> Oil slips as demand worries offset hopes for stimulus >>> img

<Reuters> Soaring Amazon deforestation splits Brazil's agriculture lobby >>> img

<business> Goldman Sachs makes a raft of new appointments to its leadership in Australia and New Zealand >>>

<EchoMskNews> Власти Армении утверждают, что армия Азербайджана начала широкомасштабное наступление в Нагорном Карабахе >>>

<EchoMskNews> Эмманюэль Макрон планирует встретиться сегодня бывшим кандидатом в президенты Белоруссии Светланой Тихановской >>>

<EchoMskNews> В Чите должен начаться процесс над солдатом Рамилем Шамсутдиновым, который расстрелял сослуживцев >>>

<EchoMskNews> В США ожидается старт продаж книги о расследовании вмешательства России в президентские выборы >>>

<EchoMskNews> «Тампа-Бэй» во второй раз в истории завоевала Кубок Стэнли >>>

<EchoMskNews> Представление под названием «Рисуем дом Есенина» ожидается сегодня в музее поэта в Замосковоречье >>>

<Reuters> U.S. charges former Amazon manager and her family members with insider trading >>> img

<WSJ> U.S. families’ income and wealth rose in the years heading into the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Reserve said… >>>

<nytimes> Breaking News: After a member of the Breonna Taylor grand jury complained its proceedings had been misrepresented,… >>>

<ukrpravda_news> Буковина: число нових випадків коронавірусу значно перевищує кількість одужань >>> img

<business> Tampa Bay Lightning beat Dallas Stars to win Stanley Cup, in a championship staged nearly entirely in quarantine… >>>

<Reuters> EU negotiators willing to work on legal agreement with UK - The Times >>> img

<cnni> One of the great frustrations about US tax law for a lot of Americans is that everyday wage earners can often pay a… >>>

<EchoMskNews> Губернатор Санкт-Петербурга поручил проработать варианты возвращения к удаленному режиму работы >>>

<EchoMskNews> Правозащитная организация Amnesty International обвинила власти Франции в нарушении свободы собраний >>>

<EchoMskNews> Итальянские исследователи обнаружили сеть соленых озер под ледниками на южном полюсе Марса >>>

<@Reuters> Images of the pandemic as COVID-19 deaths surpass 1 million >>> img img img

<Reuters> Brazil's government backs new basic income payments to poor >>> img

<business> Germany has its own Dr. Fauci—and unlike the U.S., government leaders and citizens actually listen to him >>> via @BW

<business> Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte criticized Facebook for taking down accounts supposedly linked to the military… >>>

<ukrpravda_news> Добова захворюваність на коронавірус у світі зменшилась >>> img

<EchoMskRu> Дмитрий Быков: Нагорно-карабахская проповедь >>>

<Reuters> This robot named Servi will act as a sort of waiter, using its layers of trays to carry food and drinks and its 3D… >>>

<WSJ> Video: New wildfires raged across California’s wine country, forcing thousands to flee their homes >>>

<Reuters> Explainer: Why the coronavirus death rate still eludes scientists >>> img

<ukrpravda_news> Хакерська атака на сайт Нацполіції: витоку документів не було >>> img

<cnni> Uber has won the right to continue operating in London, a crucial market for the company. >>>

<EchoMskNews> Конституционный суд рассмотрит вопрос о праве глав регионов ограничивать передвижение граждан в связи с пандемией >>>

<Reuters> Brazil prosecutors bring graft charges against Bolsonaro's son: report >>> img

<%business> RT @next_china: Hong Kong is considering relaxing border controls with mainland China. The city's leader Carrie Lam says it's looki… >>>

<derspiegel> Vor den US-Präsidentschaftswahlen kommt es in Portland immer wieder zu Spannungen zwischen rechten und linken Aktiv… >>>

<Reuters> Artist Sacha Jafri is trying to create the largest painting on canvas and auction it off to raise money for childre… >>>

<nytimes> A Maryland man has been sentenced to one year in jail and fined $5,000 for throwing two large parties in violation… >>>

<Reuters> LVMH countersues Tiffany in bid to drop $16 billion acquisition >>> img

<@Reuters> Coronavirus-related fatalities pick up pace as the world passes 1 million deaths. More than 5,400 people are dying… >>>

<Reuters> India’s eight-year-old climate activist Licipriya Kangujam is pushing the government to take legislative action on… >>>

<WSJ> From @WSJopinion: Beijing destabilized the world once by failing to control the early outbreak of the novel coronav… >>>

<Reuters> Global coronavirus deaths surpass 1 million - Reuters tally >>> img

<cnnbrk> Multiple people were killed in a hostage situation in Salem, Oregon, officials say. The sheriff's office didn't say… >>>

<EchoMskNews> Глава Дагестана Владимир Васильев может досрочно уйти в отставку, пишет газета РБК >>>

<Reuters> China faces arduous task in achieving new economic growth model: advisor >>> img

<cnni> An unidentified grand juror has filed a motion requesting that any and all recordings, transcripts, and reports of… >>>

<Reuters> Puzzled scientists seek reasons behind Africa's low fatality rates from pandemic >>> img

<business> Trump gained millions and the aura of a mogul from "The Apprentice," the New York Times reports >>>

<BBCWorld> Chinese teacher sentenced to death for poisoning nursery children >>>

<Reuters> Italian fashion group @MaisonValentino chose Milan over Paris for a rare fashion show ?tag=13

<WSJ> A Pakistani immigrant suspected in a Paris stabbing followed a South Asian Islamic sect that in Pakistan has become… >>>

<Reuters> Pandemic to keep Asia's growth at lowest since 1967, warns World Bank >>> img

<EchoMskRu> УТРЕННИЙ ДАЙДЖЕСТ Каждый день на нашем сайте появляется множество интересных материалов. Редакция отобрала лучшие… >>>

<cnni> How Trump's billionaire business tycoon image was tarnished by the New York Times report >>> img

<@EchoMskRu> Владимир Кара-Мурза мл.: Об отравлениях (очень трудный для меня текст) >>>

<@EchoMskRu> "Персонально ваш" Константин Ремчуков >>>

<@EchoMskRu> Антон Орехъ: Карабах — ба-бах! >>>

<@EchoMskRu> Михаил Ходорковский: Коррупция: объясняю на котах >>>

<@EchoMskRu> Аббас Галлямов: Что Киселев делал в номере Навального? >>>

<@EchoMskRu> Сергей Алексашенко: Разгадка Путина. Власть Мытарей >>>

<ukrpravda_news> Рейтинги Трампа і Байдена майже зрівнялись напередодні дебатів – опитування >>> img

<business> -Coronavirus cases top 33 million, with deaths exceeding 1 million -Hong Kong may ease quarantine for residents liv… >>>

<Reuters> Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate as the Glass Fire in Northern California continues to burn… >>>

<Reuters> Asian markets push higher after U.S. bounce >>> img

<kiev_vlast> Погода в Киеве и Киевской области: 29 сентября 2020 >>>

<EchoMskRu> Доброе утро! В эфире «Утренний разворот» с Алексеем Нарышкиным @Naralex и Машей Майерс. Подключайтесь, ставьте 👍/👎… >>>

<BBCWorld> Tourist faces jail in Thailand over hotel review >>>

<LIGAnet> Макрон: Если мы хотим мира в Европе, нам нужно работать с Россией #Макрон #Путин #Навальный >>>

<Reuters> Timeline: How the global coronavirus pandemic unfolded >>> img

<EchoMskNews> Совет Безопасности ООН, как ожидается, обсудит сегодня ситуацию в Нагорном Карабахе >>>

<EchoMskNews> Басманный суд Москвы рассмотрит вопрос об аресте депутата Законодательного собрания Иркутской области Андрею Левчен… >>>

<EchoMskNews> Президент Владимир Путин призвал россиян соблюдать требования по борьбе с коронавирусом >>>

<EchoMskNews> Три участника группового этапа футбольной Лиги Чемпионов станут известны уже сегодня >>>

<EchoMskRu> Президент Владимир Путин призвал россиян соблюдать требования по борьбе с коронавирусом. Это, по словам главы госу… >>>

<Reuters> Factbox: Prominent people diagnosed with COVID-19 >>> img

<EchoMskRu> Власти Армении утверждают, что армия Азербайджана начала широкомасштабное наступление в Нагорном Карабахе >>>

<bbcrussian> Дайджест: первые дебаты в США и миллион смертей от Covid-19 >>>

<Reuters> Chinese delivery firm ZTO Express up 9% in Hong Kong debut >>> img

<AP> President Donald Trump’s reelection depends largely on energizing his seemingly immovable base of support. But ther… >>>

<LIGAnet> На #космос у Кабмина просят 10 млрд грн на три года года. Пока что дают в 35 раз меньше #ГКАУ #Госкосмос >>>

<dw_russian> Генсек ООН поговорил с президентом Азербайджана и премьер-министром Армении. Он призвал их немедленно прекратить бо… >>>

<EchoMskRu> Дональд Трамп впервые встретится на дебатах с Джозефом Байденом — своим главным соперником на выборах. Карина Орло… >>>

<LIGAnet> #Тищенко заявляет – стал членом группы Рады по #ОРДЛО. #Резников говорит, что это не так #Донбасс >>>

<business> Vietnam’s economic growth accelerated in the third quarter as exports and manufacturing began recovering from the p… >>>

<Reuters> U.S. EPA chief challenges California effort to mandate zero emission vehicles in 2035 >>> img

<business> It’s hard to navigate every twist and turn of the $90 trillion global economy. These are the 12 global economic ind… >>>

<@EchoMskRu> Карина Орлова, журналист «Эха Москвы» в США: «За 10 из последних 15 лет Дональд Трамп не платил федеральный подохо… >>>

<Reuters> Thailand's 'rule breaker' school uniforms challenge tradition >>> img

<cnni> It's a myth that women don't want sex as they age, study finds >>> img

<Reuters> Microsoft 365 outage affects multiple services >>> img

<kiev_vlast> Планові відключення електроенергії в Київській області 29 вересня 2020 року (повний список… >>>

<EchoMskNews> Разбор полета: Александр Гольц >>>

<EchoMskNews> Министерство обороны непризнанной Нагорно-Карабахской республики объявило о гибели 84 своих военнослужащих >>>

<EchoMskNews> Школьная учительница на Сахалине пришла на урок во втором классе с топором >>>

<nytimes> Two fast-moving wildfires, having burned more than 67,000 acres in Northern California since they began on Sunday,… >>>

<Reuters> Some of Hong Kong's poor finally feel at home in 290 sq ft modules >>> img

<HromadskeUA> Станом на ранок 29 вересня від ускладнень коронавірусної хвороби у світі померли 1 млн 867 людей — але це лише офіц… >>>

<EchoMskRu> Счетная палата, как передает агентство «Интерфакс», признала безуспешной мусорную реформу в России В этом, как пол… >>>

<WSJ> Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal >>> img

<Reuters> Thailand's 'rule breaker' school uniforms challenge tradition >>> img

<dw_russian> Россия должна дать разъяснения по факту покушения на убийство Навального, заявил президент Франции. Именно от этих… >>>

<EchoMskRu> Лев Пономарев: Памяти Юрия Федоровича Орлова >>>

<business> On September 28th, 1918, Philadelphia held the largest parade in its history: the “Liberty Loan Drive.” Two days l… >>>

<censor_net> "Слуга народу" Тищенко увійшов до групи ВР з урегулювання війни на Донбасі >>> Як вам новий ф… >>>

<Reuters> Japan's megabanks to extend four trillion yen in loans to NTT for NTT Docomo acquisition: Nikkei… >>>

<EchoMskRu> Анна Кавалли: Страшно дышать >>>

<business> >>> the popular flight-tracking website, is experiencing “sustained attacks” on its system >>>

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