Новости всякие

Новости всякие
<WSJ> As Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi has emerged in a pivotal role that could determine the fate of the 2015 nucl… >>>

<chastime> На парламентських виборах у Вірменії лідирує партія Пашиняна >>>

<Reuters> Ethiopia is preparing for national and regional parliamentary elections on Monday in the first test of voter suppor… >>>

<tvrain> В Ярославской области полиция потребовала взыскать более 500 тысяч рублей с бывшего координатора местного штаба Нав… >>>

<Reuters> CD&R set to continue pursuit of UK's Morrisons, FT says >>> img

<radiosvoboda> «Євро-2020»: Італія обіграла Вельс, Туреччина поступилася Швейцарії >>>

<radiosvoboda> Рівно 50 років тому у кургані скіфського періоду Товста Могила в Дніпропетровській області знайшли пектораль. Кілог… >>>

<Reuters> WATCH: At an event on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Cornwall, Queen Elizabeth cut a cake using a ceremonial swo… >>>

<WSJ> Fathers can be an enigma. Why it is so important—and challenging—to understand their lives. >>>

<nytimes> Thinking about getting an antibody test to see if your coronavirus vaccine is working? Read this first. >>>

<cnni> "The longer we listen, the more we relax," says Gordon Hempton, co-founder of Quiet Parks International. Watch — a… >>>

<derspiegel> Pool, Hotelbüfett, knallvoller Ferienflieger: Kontakte sind im Urlaub unvermeidlich. Sie wollen reisen, sind aber n… >>>

<zn_ua> В Иране произошло аварийное отключение АЭС, которую строили россияне #Иран #АэС #Россия #новости #новини >>>

<zn_ua> На выборах в Армении зафиксирована явка ниже 50% #Армения #выборы #ЦИК #новости #новини >>>

<business> Bitcoin dropped over the weekend amid a focus on Chinese mine closures and potential regulatory scrutiny >>>

<EchoMskNews> В столице с этого дня отменён режим нерабочих дней >>>

<EchoMskNews> В Краснодаре суд рассмотрит жалобу защиты экс-директора «Открытой России» Пивоварова на объявление его в розыск >>>

<EchoMskNews> Арбитражный суд Москвы сегодня проведет предварительное заседание по иску американской компании Apple к ФАС >>>

<WSJ> Today's the summer solstice. Here are the traditions behind the longest day of the year. >>>

<Reuters> New-look Italy beat Wales as both teams advance to last 16 >>> img

<%dw_europe> RT @dwnews: Normal amounts of dissolved mercury in rivers are around 1 to 10 nanograms per liter (ng L-1 ), comparable to "a gr… >>>

<%dw_europe> RT @dwnews: Despite a backlash against LGBTQ+ rights, campaigners in Poland say the pride parade in Warsaw shows: "We are not g… >>>

<nytimes> In 1979, at least 66 people died after airborne anthrax bacteria emerged from a military lab in the Soviet Union.… >>>

<ukrpravda_news> В Ірані сталася аварійна зупинка єдиної у країні АЕС >>> img

<Reuters> Edenilson on the spot as Internacional share spoils with Ceara >>> img

<Reuters> WATCH: A seat on a spaceship ride with billionaire Jeff Bezos on Blue Origin's maiden voyage next month went for $2… >>>

<Reuters> Brazil reports 44,178 new coronavirus cases, 1,025 deaths >>> img

<WSJ> Airlines, restaurants and sports arenas are filling back up. One place that isn’t yet: offices >>>

<business> Democratic Republic of Congo won’t renew the two oil permits of Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler along the country’s… >>>

<Reuters> ICYMI: A 41-year-old 'psychic' elephant at Hamburg zoo predicts that Germany will lose its opening game against Fra… >>>

<nytimes> For Chris Nee, the producer behind the popular “Doc McStuffins” series, diversity and representation aren’t nice-to… >>>

<AP> "He went right at us." A bicyclist recounts the moment a driver plowed his truck into riders after the start of a c… >>>

<Reuters> U.S extends travel restrictions at Canada, Mexico land borders through July 21 >>> img

<WSJ> From @WSJopinion: Journalists used to aspire to objectivity, now they barely even bother to pretend, writes… >>>

<AP> “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” has struck the top box office target. The action-comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, Sam… >>>

<Reuters> ICYMI: Arctic ice is receding at a rate far faster than ever with several tipping points in the climate system, Mar… >>>

<Reuters> Explainer: -Why do France's regional elections matter? Look ahead >>> img

<Reuters> Shaqiri shines as Swiss beat Turkey to keep Euro 2020 hopes alive >>> img

<business> President Biden will travel to North Carolina on Thursday to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated against the… >>>

<Reuters> From a puppeteer in Egypt to a street performer in Australia, here are some odd and unusual @reuterspictures from a… >>>

<WSJ> Beware “buy again”—and other tips so you don’t get ripped off when shopping online >>>

<nytimes> In Opinion "Our church’s leaders are once more making headlines for all the wrong reasons," Tom Perriello writes. >>>

<DeptofDefense> This month we bring the spotlight to the wounds that may not be as visible as others. During #PTSDAwarenessMonth,… >>>

<cnni> A stray Shih Tzu needed a haircut so badly you could barely tell it was a dog. But post-shave, a star is born. CNN'… >>>

<Reuters> Chile says assembly to draft new constitution will start work July 4 >>> img

<business> All you need to know about what's moving markets >>>

<Reuters> UK launches plan to capitalise on science and technology breakthroughs >>> img

<ukrpravda_news> Ізраїльський уряд схвалив призначення нового посла в Україні >>> img

<WSJ> We spoke with three men fleeing prosecution for their roles in pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. They spent more… >>>

<EchoMskNews> Партия и.о. премьер-министра Никола Пашиняна лидирует на парламентских выборах в Армении >>>

<Reuters> Chile to fine players who broke COVID-19 bubble >>> img

<EchoMskNews> Посол России в США Анатолий Антонов с сегодняшнего дня, как ожидается, вернется к работе в дипмиссии >>>

<EchoMskNews> Аварийное отключение электричества произошло на иранской атомной электростанции «Бушер» >>>

<EchoMskNews> Пациентов с коронавирусом в одной из больниц Санкт-Петербурга начали размещать прямо в коридоре >>>

<EchoMskNews> Число пострадавших от наводнения в Ялте достигло 43 человек >>>

<EchoMskNews> Российские футболисты сегодня разыграют с датчанами право на выход в 1⁄8 чемпионата Европы >>>

<nytimes> Normally, the idea of Congress passing a $1.2 trillion plan to fix the nation’s infrastructure without raising taxe… >>>

<Reuters> Hitting it sideways, U.S. Open remains elusive for Mickelson >>> img

<AP> "She was able to talk him into turning himself in." A man sought in the killings of his father and two other people… >>>

<Reuters> Le Pen's party comes top in Provence in regional election >>> img

<business> Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seeking to build the U.K. into a “science superpower,” harnessing 14.9 billion poun… >>>

<business> The Biden administration rejected Nicolas Maduro’s call for relief from sanctions, saying the Venezuelan leader nee… >>>

<bbcrussian> Переговоры по ядерной программе Ирана: Израиль заявляет, что с Эбрахимом Раиси опасно иметь дело >>>

<Reuters> WATCH: The global health crisis drags Emirates to its first loss in 33 years. With no domestic market to cushion ag… >>>

<WSJ> Menopause changes women’s brains—but many of the changes are temporary and the brain eventually compensates for som… >>>

<Reuters> German liberal FDP rules out coalition with Greens after election -Bild >>> img

<AP> Black Voters Matter is among nonprofits wading through a rush of money that came after George Floyd's death. Read t… >>>

<business> China’s unemployment rate has steadily dropped from last year’s pandemic peak though a lack of jobs for graduates a… >>>

<business> Commodities are in retreat, but it’s too early for Beijing to declare victory in its two-month battle to quash pric… >>>

<business> A group of former Morgan Stanley traders has turned their cryptocurrency venture into a unicorn by bringing Wall St… >>>

<Reuters> Hamilton plays down blow of another loss to Verstappen >>> img

<%Vestnik_Stab> RT @EvgenyFeldman: в Москве — пик пандемии. это событие произошло в Москве сегодня. и даже в самых диких фантазиях невозможно представ… >>>

<ukrpravda_news> Кримські активісти підготували рекомендації до законопроєкту про корінні народи України >>> img

<Reuters> Pershing Square signs deal to buy 10% of Vivendi's Universal - statement >>> img

<nytimes> Some independent bookstores in Hong Kong flout the new limits on free expression imposed by Beijing. Others try to… >>>

<WSJ> Hollywood is producing more films than ever before, but very few are scoring high with audiences and critics. Has s… >>>

<Reuters> Ethiopians to vote in what government bills as first free election >>> img

<Reuters> New Zealand names transgender athlete Hubbard to women's Tokyo Olympics weightlifting team >>> img

<business> Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and President Joe Biden will meet at the White House on Friday as the U.S. moves ahea… >>>

<Reuters> Analysis: Swiss display potential but it may be too-little, too-late >>> img

<derspiegel> Im Wahlkampf hatte er seinen Sohn im Austausch für Kriegsgefangene angeboten – nun deutet sich bei den Parlamentswa… >>>

<Reuters> ICYMI: Giving President Joe Biden and his wife Jill a taste of British pomp on their arrival, a Guard of Honour for… >>>

<WSJ> Rock on with Bon Jovi—and pass the popcorn. Fans of live music are going to movie theaters to see filmed concerts.… >>>

<tvrain> Красноярск затопило после сильных дождей — городские улицы превратились в реки. Из-за грозы несколько районов город… >>>

<BBCWorld> Usain Bolt welcomes newborn twin sons Thunder and Saint Leo >>>

<Reuters> Armenia's acting PM's party leads parliamentary vote, RIA cites electoral commission >>> img

<Reuters> Kennys eye Tokyo gold, but British domination unrealistic, says team chief >>> img

<ukrpravda_news> У Польщі розпочали вакцинацію безпритульних >>> img

<EchoMskNews> И.о. премьер-министра Армении Никол Пашинян объявил о победе своей партии на парламентских выборах >>>

<EchoMskNews> Консерваторы лидируют в первом туре региональных выборов во Франции, передает телеканал France Info >>>

<EchoMskNews> Власти США пригрозили Китаю изоляцией >>>

<EchoMskNews> Ряд ограничений, введенных в этом месяце против коронавируса, с сегодняшнего дня продлят в Москве >>>

<EchoMskNews> Вспышка коронавируса зафиксирована в крымском детском лагере «Артек» >>>

<EchoMskNews> Союз европейских футбольных ассоциаций расследует нарушение регламента на двух матчах чемпионата Европы по футболу >>>

<Reuters> Jabeur becomes first Arab woman to win a WTA title >>> img

<WSJ> Tim Cook says Apple’s greatest legacy will be in health. A bold plan to offer medical services has stalled. >>>

<business> Here's what's happening in the oil market >>>

<Reuters> ICYMI: The Supreme Court is asking for the Biden administration's views on a Harvard University admissions dispute… >>>

<Reuters> UK house prices show biggest seasonal rise since 2015 - Rightmove >>> img

<%Reuters> RT @ReutersShowbiz: 🎵WMG will buy French DJ David Guetta's recorded-music catalog from the last two decades, and sign a new deal with h… >>>

<%Reuters> RT @ReutersShowbiz: 📚 ‘As a writer, the pandemic has been an opportunity to have time, silence and solitude, which are three things tha… >>>

<nytimes> Some New Yorkers are opting for small gatherings among close friends over bars and nightclubs. “It’s still scary,”… >>>

<Reuters> Palou wins at Road American as F1 team mates reunite >>> img

<WSJ> While there may be controversy over Biogen’s new Alzheimer’s drug, investors should look past any D.C. drama.… >>>

<Reuters> Venezuela come back twice to draw 2-2 with Ecuador >>> img

<cnni> As emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, and cryptocurrencies continue to garner interest, digitally-minded en… >>>

<ForbesRussia> Цены на криптовалюты в минувшие выходные снова упали. Эксперты связывают падение со снижением мощности майнинга в К… >>>

<Reuters> DeChambeau closes on successful U.S. Open title defence >>> img

<Reuters> WATCH: Who are the key players in Israel's new patchwork coalition government? @Reuters explains… >>>

<nytimes> "I found myself wondering if reading these books to my daughter would in a way be a lie. Was it fair to tell her st… >>>

<Reuters> New U.S. envoy for North Korea to huddle with S.Koreans, Japanese >>> img

<WSJ> A new Colorado law requires companies to disclose the expected salary or pay range for each open role they advertis… >>>

<business> The City of London drew fewer foreign investors in 2020, according to an EY survey >>>

<business> James Murdoch's Lupa Systems is looking for about $150 million each from fewer than half-a-dozen family offices for… >>>

<BBCWorld> Joe Biden: My surprise claim to be the US president's English cousin >>>

<business> U.K. house price growth slowed in June as record prices and a lack of properties to purchase drained momentum from… >>>

<business> Over the next few weeks, a company called Kernel will begin sending dozens of customers across the U.S. a $50,000 h… >>>

<Reuters> Time-lapse video shows astronauts floating outside the International Space Station as they install new solar panels ?tag=14

<Reuters> Mexico posts 1,578 new COVID-19 cases, 36 more deaths >>> img

<BBCWorld> French court dog helps soothe anxious victims of crime >>>

<ukrpravda_news> Вибухи на оборонному заводі у Сербії, пожежа перекинулася на ліс >>> img

<nytimes> >>>

<BBCWorld> Parul Khakhar: The Indian stay-at-home mum trolled for poem on Covid dead >>>

<Reuters> German conservatives appeal to voters with vow not to hike taxes >>> img

<BBCWorld> Birtukan Mideksa: Ethiopia's electoral board chairperson >>>

<Reuters> WATCH: Mount Etna put on a spectacular show, with streams of lava erupting into the sunset sky 🌋 ?tag=14

<Reuters> Australian PM promises more COVID-19 shots to states amid rollout delays >>> img

<WSJ> Some remote workers find that Hawaii’s spectacular surroundings—which drew them in the first place—can be a distrac… >>>

<Reuters> American Airlines to cut 1% of July flights as travel rebound strains operations >>> img

<Reuters> Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said states in the Midwest and South are seeing upsurges in Delta coronaviru… >>>

<EchoMskNews> Российские власти, как пишет газета «КоммерсантЪ», готовят программу ревакцинации >>>

<EchoMskNews> Еще одну версию коронавируса обнаружили в Индии >>>

<EchoMskNews> В Италии отменяют комендантский час, который вводили из-за коронавируса >>>

<EchoMskNews> Российский МИД предупредил об ответе в случае введения новых санкций со стороны США >>>

<EchoMskNews> В Гонконге впервые за почти два десятка лет отменили Марш в поддержку демократии >>>

<cnni> Balenciaga put high heels on Crocs, and they may sell for as much as $1,000. But the internet is walking all over t… >>>

<Reuters> In Indonesian banking, rise in religious conservatism ripples across sector >>> img

<business> Traders are laying bets for South Korea’s interest rates to rise, but the market may have gotten ahead of itself in… >>>

<WSJ> Looking to get back to work after a pandemic break? That gap on your résumé might not be the obstacle you think it… >>>

<nytimes> Pope Francis and President Biden, both liberals, are the two most high-profile Roman Catholics in the world. But in… >>>

<nytimes> Breaking News: Jon Rahm won the U.S. Open, his first major title, in his return to the PGA Tour after a positive co… >>>

<Reuters> Volunteers placed hundreds of red roses at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro in memory of Brazil’s 500,000 COVID-1… >>>

<AP> BREAKING: Jon Rahm wins U.S. Open at Torrey Pines for his first major title. >>>

<WSJ> Jon Rahm outlasted a crowded field to win the U.S. Open just two weeks after being forced to withdraw from a tourna… >>>

<ForbesRussia> Госдума приняла поправки правительства к закону об экспериментальных правовых режимах в сфере цифровых инноваций.… >>>

<Reuters> Boral to sell American building products business for $2.2 bln >>> img

<ukrpravda_news> Медики виявили нову мутацію індійського штаму COVID >>> img

<Reuters> WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - The car crash that killed one and injured another when a pickup truck ran into a crowd a… >>>

<nytimes> On the last weekend of campaigning in the NYC mayor’s race, clashes stemmed from Kathryn Garcia’s late alliance wit… >>>

<Reuters> Brazil reports 44,178 new coronavirus cases, 1,025 deaths >>> img

<WSJ> Afghan battlefield setbacks in recent weeks are beginning to create a perception of inevitability about a Taliban t… >>>

<Reuters> Edenilson on the spot as Internacional share spoils with Ceara >>> img

<cnnbrk> Jon Rahm wins the US Open at Torrey Pines. This is Rahm's first-ever win at a major championship, and he's the firs… >>>

<cnni> Jon Rahm wins the US Open at Torrey Pines. This is Rahm's first-ever win at a major championship, and he's the firs… >>>

<business> The world's cargo ships just can't get their act together. When things go wrong in the container business, they go… >>>

<Reuters> Spaniard Rahm wins U.S. Open for first major title >>> img

<Reuters> U.S extends travel restrictions at Canada, Mexico land borders through July 21 >>> img

<business> We take a tour inside the Olympic and Paralympic Village in Tokyo. @rumireports shows us around the bedrooms, dini… >>>

<WSJ> Relying on the monthly retail sales report to see where the U.S. economy is heading is no easy task. @WSJheard expl… >>>

<nytimes> Ryan Lochte, the second-most decorated American male Olympian, missed qualifying for a fifth trip to the Summer Gam… >>>

<Reuters> Dollar holds near multi-month high after Fed's hawkish tilt >>> img

<cnni> Scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur which they confirmed as the largest to have ever been found in… >>>

<Classomsk> Собака мордой вверх или мордой вниз? Тест о том, сколько асан йоги вы знаете. #Йога #Тест #Асаны #Омск… >>>

<Reuters> Explainer: -Why do France's regional elections matter? Look ahead >>> img

<business> South Korea’s exports — a barometer of the health of global commerce — are set to post double-digit gains in June a… >>>

<Reuters> Republican Party outspends Democrats in May in bid to retake U.S. Congress >>> img

<EchoMskNews> Лидерство на досрочных парламентских выборах в Армении удерживает партия действующего премьера >>>

<EchoMskNews> Послы стран-членов ЕС обсудят сегодня новые санкции против белорусских высокопоставленных чиновников и компаний >>>

<EchoMskNews> Московские следователи вызвали на допрос еще одного журналиста интернет-издания Doxa >>>

<EchoMskNews> «КоммерсантЪ»: Участники потребительского рынка просят московскую мэрию разъяснить требования о вакцинации сотрудни… >>>

<EchoMskNews> Самолет бывшего ливийского лидера Муаммара Каддафи возвращен в страну спустя 10 лет >>>

<Reuters> UK launches plan to capitalise on science and technology breakthroughs >>> img

<zn_ua> Помощник «слуги» Куницкого открыл стрельбу из-за паркоместа: опубликовано видео #Куницкий #Никонов #Харьков… >>>

<zn_ua> В России изнасиловали и убили гражданку США #кэтринсироу #убийство #новости #новини >>>

<zn_ua> Советник Байдена разъяснил ситуацию с заморозкой военной помощи Украине на 100 млн долларов >>>

<nytimes> On Fox News he has called journalists “cringing animals.” Off camera, Tucker Carlson is often one of their valuable… >>>

<WSJ> After losing ground for decades, low-wage workers have emerged from the pandemic with the upper hand. They are rece… >>>

<Reuters> Corinthians fine player for wearing boots colour of rival >>> img

<business> The U.K. remains Europe’s most attractive destination for financial services investment, according to a survey by t… >>>

<business> Australia's central bank says higher wages remain “some way off.” The nation’s biggest bank, Commonwealth Bank of A… >>>

<Reuters> EXCLUSIVE Adviser to jailed HK tycoon Jimmy Lai says Apple Daily to shut within days >>> img

<business> 🏅This year’s Olympics will be like no other. Here's how athletes from the U.S. to the Philippines are getting ready… >>>

<Reuters> ON-Swimming at the Tokyo Olympics >>> img

<cnni> Some people who lost loved ones to Covid report messages from beyond the grave. These stories are part of a histori… >>>

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